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Book launch & signing

7 June 2022

Come say hello to myself and Joe Yawney, creator of Books Dads Love, this upcoming Saturday! You can pick up a copy of Daddy Daddy! which features my illustrations. There will also be face painting for kids on-site. Details below!

Saturday, June 11th from 11:00 am - 3:00 pm

Indigo - South Keys
South Keys Shopping Centre, 2210 Bank Street
Ottawa, Ontario K1V 1J5

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Daddy Daddy! I drew the pictures. Help fund it today!

28 May 2022

Daddy Daddy! front cover I'm very excited to announce a Kickstarter for Daddy Daddy! written by Joseph Yawney and illustrated by yours truly. It's the latest book to be released as part of his children's series Books Dads Love.

This sweet, simple, and fun two-word rhythming board book goes through the everyday life of a dad and child. Dedicated to my daughter Immy and her cousin and best friend Klara, who at almost 2 years old are the perfect age for this book.

Support the Kickstarter and receive a copy!

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Launch of a brand new Harchun.com

28 May 2022

Nice pic of a deer I took at Parc Omega

This is a pretty big deal; I haven't had a "proper" website since I retired the previous incarnation over four years ago. At that time, I announced the following: "My Web presence is undergoing a long-term rebranding during this period, as I take some time off to grow in education and experience." This was certainly true, as it was a point of transition for my artistic career.

Indeed, it has taken several years to figure out how to rebuild and relaunch an online presence. After some scrapped designs and a good deal of wrestling with the question, "what's the purpose of a website?", I've more or less decided to just do it and see what happens. So I designed a new Harchun.com! It's an experiment, like it always has been. I'll be posting updates about my artistic endeavours in this here news section up top, and down below you can view a curated portfolio. This isn't really a "professional" portfolio, just whatever I want to show off at the moment, new or old, and totally subject to change at my whim.

It's a different Internet now than it once was, but in spite of that, I've made the decision to not be on social media. So this is where I am. Whether you're a new visitor or someone who's followed me a long time, I hope you'll add me to your bookmarks and come back occasionally. ☺

(Picture is unrelated; I took it a couple of weeks ago and just thought it was cool.)

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